IDEX 2019: Excalibur Army displays Dronebuster Block 3

Excalibur Army (Czech Republic) showcased its Dronebuster Block 3 at IDEX 2019. The Dronebuster is a tool for security teams and first responders to use during fluid, ambiguous, fast-paced encounters. The system is available through a joint project of Excalibur Army and TAG Global Systems.

IDEX 2019 Dronebuster Block 3 by Excalibur Army
The Dronebuster Block 3 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The device allows the user to deal with a drone approaching a Forward Operating Base, hovering over a large crowd, snooping into secure/private areas or flying into restricted airspace. With a simple switch, the operator can intercept the drone command link and command the drone to descend or go home.

Integrated RF power meter and signal analyzer enables the operator to reliably aim the system even in low visibility. An operator can identify the types of messages coming from the drone (e.g. C2, video, telemetry, etc.) Effective on Group 1 and Group 2 UAS sold worldwide using ISM and HAM command and control. The system can be upgraded to include exploits for new drones as they come to the market.

Highly directional, with lmited area of effect, it will not disrupt friendly RF systems.

The Dronebuster Block 3 is optionally equipped with GPS disruption capability that can jam GPS and GLONASS frequencies. The unit can jam ISM and HAM bands, or ISM, HAM and GNSS bands simultaneously.

Easy to use, operators can be trained to use it in less than 5 minutes.

  is is optionally equipped with GPS disrutionee

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