IDEX 2021: ELNO displays its communication systems

ELNO specializes in the design and manufacture of communication systems for complex environments. Historical technological know-how and a strong capacity for innovation have enabled ELNO to be a privileged partner of the French Army.

DSEI 2019 Fantastic opportunity to promote the British defence industry 925 001
Hoplite headset (Picture source Army Recognition)

In particular through the FELIN and SCORPION programs for which ELNO provides head equipment and intercoms for armored vehicles.

For its new participation to the IDEX exhibition, ELNO will present some of its new headsets, using the brand new cartilagophonic technology.

First HOPLITE VH, a headset which allow a double protection through ear plugs, but also HOPLITE 3D which allow a spatialisation of the sound thanks to a patented technology : Talk Through 3D.

Thanks to earplugs, the double protection provides the advantage of being protected against impulse noises (shots) as well as transients (missile departures). For outdoor use, the 3-dimensional exterior listening headset 3D TalkThrough reproduces ambient noise and offers the user a real spatial perception of his 360° environment.

ELNO will also present its intercoms and more specifically the ELIPS OL. This digital IP intercom now equips the GRIFFON vehicle and is equally suitable for use in the simplest and the most complex configurations. It can be used in any wheeled or tracked vehicles for command, reconnaissance, support or troop transport missions. emissions.