IDEX 2021: Milanion Group and MSP unveil AGEMA UGV mounted with MSP next generation loitering munitions system

Milanion Group’s new AGEMA UGV will be unveiled mounted with MSP’s next-generation Loitering Munitions System at IDEX 2021 in Abu Dhabi. Following the successful teaming agreement between UAE-based Milanion Group and Polish company MSP, the coming together of the two autonomous unmanned systems will deliver unprecedented loitering munitions support. The intelligent and agile system, through rapid deployment, will allow commanders to successfully plan and execute missions on the modern battlefield, keeping personnel out of harm’s way.

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AGEMA UGV (Picture source: Milanion Group)

Milanion CEO, Davinder Dogra said, “This is just the beginning of our teaming agreement with MSP and shows that the market can be disrupted when a synergy develops between companies with next-generation technologies that work to deliver affordable world-class solutions at speed”.

The fully amphibious AGEMA UGV is built to be deployed for multi-mission support and has gone through the most rigorous testing in extreme and harsh conditions. Fully integrating the AGEMA with MSP’s WARBLE FLY Air Target Fire System provides a significant advantage for users to accurately detect, track and eradicate targets from a distance, even in poor visibility conditions. After launch, in the event of the need to abort, the WARBLE FLY can be safely redirected to a landing zone and recovered.

“MSP is continually investing in R & D to design better, more intelligent systems for use on the battlefield and for field training purposes. Our agreement with Milanion Group has provided invaluable flexible mobility and control for deployment in hostile and dangerous environments. We look forward to further enhance our working relationship”, Commented Marcin Szender, CEO, MSP.

DSEI 2019 Fantastic opportunity to promote the British defence industry 925 001
WARBLE FLY Air Target Fire System  (Picture source: Milanion Group)