IDEX 2021: MSM GROUP presents the range of its ammunition for artillery systems, tanks, and mortars

MSM GROUP will present the range of its modern medium-calibre and large-calibre ammunition for artillery systems, tanks, and mortars. It includes products from the portfolio of the Spanish manufacturer Fábrica de Municiones de Granada (FMG) as well. FGM became part of MSM GROUP last year.

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(Picture source: MSM Group)

Among the exhibits will be, for example, a Antos 60 mm mortar. It is a very light weapon designed for airborne and special forces and for the crews of APC and IFV as equipment for fire support. The light weight of the mortar enables easy moving of the operator with the weapon in difficult terrain and during displacement. The weight is 5.3 kg with a liquid sight and 4.9 kg with a mechanical sight. In addition to low weight, the mortar is also characterized by a short time needed to take a firing position, and high speed and accuracy of shooting. The maximum fire range is 1200 m.

The mortar is made of high strength aluminium alloys, titanium alloys and light plastic parts. The mortar can be easily disassembled into several parts, which facilitates easy maintenance. MSM GROUP will also present 60 mm mortar ammunition weighing 1.4 kg with a fire range of up to 1200 m.

The mortar bomb consists of a body filled with an active substance (explosive or smoke composition), a head fuse and a stabilizer. MSM GROUP produces 60 mm mortar bombs in HEF (TNT), HEI (Thermobaric HE), Smoke (Red Phosphorus), Practise (Black Powder), Training, HEI-HP (Thermobaric HE) and Incendiary (Red Phosphorus) versions.

The 155 mm artillery ammunition made by MSM GROUP is suitable for a number of artillery systems and howitzers used around the world. It can be used against live targets, lightly armoured targets, and buildings. MSM GROUP offers a wide range of 155 mm ammunition for operational use and training, such as highly explosive and smoke shells of various types. The MSM GROUP ammunition is equipped with the KZ 984 fuse of its own design of a NATO standard, ammunition can also be equipped with a fuse by other manufacturers.

Ammunition 155 mm type HE ER BB and HE ER FB BB allow a fire range of more than 30 km when shooting from a weapon with a barrel of 39 calibres length, and up to 43 km when shooting from a weapon with a barrel of 52 calibres length. Ammunition has been tested with the weapon systems such as Zuzana, Nora B-52, G5 and G6, M109, M198, FH-70, Krab, KH-179 and many others. MSM GROUP currently supplies 155 mm ammunition to almost 20 countries around the world.

MSM GROUP will also present 105 mm HE-M1 artillery ammunition, and 105 mm HE R-105-60 and 120 mm HE G-201 tank ammunition from FMG company portfolio. These products are implemented in many armies around the world and widely used in NATO countries.

The importance of IDEX is constantly growing. This is evidenced by the number of exhibitors – in 2017, more than 1 200 exhibitors from more than 57 countries had their exhibitions at the IDEX, two years later more than 1 300 exhibitors from 62 countries. In 2017 and 2019 companies of the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP holding took an important place among European exhibitors.