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Indo Defence 2010
4Th Indonesia Tri Service Defence & Aerospace Exhibition

Jakarta , Indonesia
10 - 13 November 2010
Hanwha Corporation at IndoDefence 2010

Wednesday, 10 November 2010, 17:25 PM

The 70mm Multiple Rocket System (MRS) presents by Hanwha Corporation.
The 70mm MRS(Multiple Rocket System) is world unique armed-vehicle introduced by Hanwha Corporation using 70mm rocket family as munitions. Originally designed for standard of firepower support for infantry regiment, the 70mm MRS is mid-size with light weight to achieve high mobility.
South Korea's Hanwha Corporation produces a number of 70 mm (2.75 in) rocket motors and warheads. They are intended for use by the Republic of Korea's armed forces, to equip Korean battlefield helicopters and combat aircraft. Hanwha exports its rockets to a growing number of customers.

Hanwha Corporation presents the 70 mm rocket launcher system mounted to a light wheeled vehicle. Equipped with a self-contained fire control system based on GPS and inertial measurement, the system provides automatic aiming based on launcher and target location. It can be used for both direct and indirect fire, and scenarios envisaged for its employment include fire against armoured and artillery units, and against small ships when used in a coastal defence role.
Crew: 2 people
Weight: 4,900 kg (including ammunition)
Ammunition: 70 mm rockets systems
Aiming: Azimuth - 360°; Elevation: 0 - 55°; Full automatic aiming
Max. range : 8 km
Max. break down area: 200 x 200 m