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Iveco Defence Vehicles is renowned for the application of advanced automotive innovations and leading edge protection solutions to practical and purpose-built designs, resulting in a full range of trucks, armoured, protected and multirole vehicles. Iveco Defence Vehicles’s plant is situated in Bolzano in Northern Italy, the site of the factory originally housing the prestigious producer of military vehicles, Lancia, was founded in 1937. The company has developed a vast international network giving life to a technical and commercial expertise at a world-wide level. Iveco Defence Vehicles boasts an organisation of dedicated research and development, having available a pool of vehicle expert engineers in the Iveco HQ in Torino. The marketing, production and aftersales organisation are also based within the Bolzano Facility. Supporting these activities is an additional factory, based in Vittorio Veneto, a centre of excellence for protection.
Iveco Defence Vehicles places great emphasis on the need to integrate seamlessly all processes from design and development through manufacturing, sales and support, ensuring that the customer’s needs are addressed at all times. To this end, the company’s marketing and engineering teams are accustomed to working closely with customer representatives to ensure that our products are tailored to meet their needs, whilst complying with all relevant national and international standards.
Iveco Defence Vehicles’ commitment to the highest level of service is evident in the company’s certification to ISO 9001 and in the military certification to AQAP 2110. In recent years, Iveco Defence Vehicles has focused on meeting the demands both of its domestic Italian market and of export customers, The company’s success in this latter area in particular has been dramatic, with export sales growing from 20% of the total in the mid 90s to a figure of 70% today. More than 30,000 IVECO vehicles are now in military service worldwide.
To deliver this remarkable level of performance consistently, Iveco Defence Vehicles remains very aware that it depends heavily on the skills and commitment of its workforce, with the efforts of all of the staff being rooted in Iveco’s underpinning philosophy: Commitment, Reliability, Performance, Team Spirit.

Press Release
First contract signed with Italian Army for Ambulance version of MPV/VTTM Iveco protected vehicle (December 23, 2010)
Iveco Defence Vehicles announces that on December 20th, 2010 the Italian Army placed order for a batch of 12 MPV in the Ambulance version (named VTMM Ambulance by the Italian Army) to be delivered between 2011 and 2012.
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IVECO Defence Vehicles at DSEI 2009 with new variants of LMV, the LMV SF and Casevac.
(London 08 September 2009) New variants of LMV Light Multirole Vehicle presenta at DSEI 2009 by Iveco Defence vehicles, LMV Casevac and LMV SF.
Iveco Defence Vehicles has built on the commercial and operational success of its Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV) to develop a CASEVAC variant. In this new configuration, the LMV allows the installation of a variety of lifesaving apparatus as well as providing sufficient space for paramedic personnel to work comfortably on the one stretcher case and two seated casualties which can be transported on board.
In the same time, IVECO Defence Vehicles developed a version dedicated to Special Forces operations. This decision to develop a Special Forces variant was supported by a number of SF units, enabling their specific operational requirements to be taken into consideration form the design phase.
Iveco Defence Vehicles awarded contract to deliver 10 LMV to Slovak Army.
Iveco Defence Vehicles announces that on June 23, 2009 the Slovak Army and Iveco signed a contract for a batch of 10 Light Multirole Vehicles to be delivered by the end of the year.
Flavio Marchesoni, Sales & Marketing Director of Iveco Defence Vehicles said: “This contract win builds on the success of the LMV which has been selected for front line duties by 9 armies to date”.
Designed to incorporate high tactical mobility with high maximum road speed and optimal off-road and cross-country performance, the LMV has high protection levels against anti tank and anti personnel mines with an emphasis on crew protection rather than vehicle integrity.

First new Iveco’s delivered to ALC in UK’s largest ever Trakker deal
(Watford, 24 June 2009): Iveco Defence Vehicles has delivered the first specialist 6x6 Trakkers to ALC, an equal partnership created between Amey and VT Land to provide the Ministry of Defence (MoD) with its ‘C’ vehicle fleet, covering its civil engineering and rough terrain mechanical handling capability. The delivery follows the signing of a significant contract with Iveco in November 2008 to supply 206 off-road Trakker chassis and marks the single largest Trakker order ever placed in the UK. It will see the 6x6 heavy trucks fitted with a range of different bodywork to support the ‘C’ vehicle fleet, which comprises all earthmoving plant, Engineer Construction Plant (ECP) and field Mechanical Handling Equipment (MHE) in use by the Armed Forces.
Iveco Defence Vehicles exhibits its protected vehicle range at IDET 2009
Iveco Defence Vehicles will be exhibiting at IDET 2009 to be held in Brno from 5th to 7th May 2009. The company’s stand will feature the latest range of state of the art vehicles specifically designed to meet the demands of the defence and homeland security sectors. Iveco Defence Vehicles, specialists in both military and civil defences vehicles, will exhibit a selection of its most recent vehicle developments, including the fully developed prototype of IVECO’s new amphibious armoured personnel carrier SUPERAV APC 8x8 and the new IVECO 4x4 Tactical Truck. Two variants of the well regarded Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV), now sold to 8 European countries, will be displayed, as will a Massif 4x4, the new IVECO light vehicle.
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Iveco designs, manufactures, and markets a broad range of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, off-road trucks, city and intercity buses and coaches as well as special vehicles for applications such as fire fighting, off-road missions, defence and civil protection. Iveco employs over 27,687 people and runs 27 production units in 16 Countries in the world using excellent technologies developed in 5 research centres. Besides Europe, the company operates in China, Russia, Libya, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, and South Africa. More than 5,900 service outlets in over 100 Countries guarantee technical support wherever in the world an Iveco vehicle is at work.

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Commercial Operations Export
IVECO Defence Vehicles
Via Volta, 6
39100 Bolzano
Tel: +39 0471 905111
Fax: +39 0471 905444
Email: dvdbzcom(at)
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LMV Iveco Light Multirole wheeled armoured vehicle


The LMV Iveco is a light multirole armoured vehicle with high level armor protection against mines and ballistic firing. The vehicle can be equipped with a 12.7 mm machine gun.

Technical DataSheet, description, information, pictures.

LMV Casevac Casualty evacuation wheeled armoured vehicle


Iveco Defence Vehicles has built on the remarkable commercial and operational success of its Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV) to develop a CASEVAC variant which will meet for the troops in the new battle field.

Technical DataSheet, information, description, pictures.
LMV SF Special Forces wheeled armoured vehicle

Iveco Defense Vehicles is building on the remarkable commercial and operational success of its Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV) to develop a version dedicated to Special Forces operations.

Technical DataSheet, information, description, pictures.