General Dynamics secured $75 million to integrate a 30mm cannon to the Stryker program 32001162

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General Dynamics secured $75 million to integrate a 30mm cannon to the Stryker program
General Dynamics Land Systems was awarded a $75 million contract to provide non-recurring engineering efforts for the design and integration of a 30mm cannon mounted on an unmanned, stabilized turret onto the Stryker infantry carrier vehicle platform, and the development of eight prototypes.
General-dynamics-awared-75-million-to-integrate-cannon-to-stryker-program-640-001Kongsberg Protector MCRWS (Medium Caliber Remote Weapon Station) 30mmm cannon mounted on US Stryker 8x8 armoured vehicle at AUSA 2014, defense exhibition in Washington D.C. , United States.

The contract award comes as part of the Army's planned improvements its fleet of Stryker vehicles, which aim to bolster their defenses against threats such as improvised explosive devices. Upgrades will include additional armor, redesigned hatches, and a remote weapon station.

The selected 30mm cannon "PROTECTOR MCRWS" is made by the Norwegian Defense Company KONGSBERG. The company began working with Stryker maker General Dynamics Land Systems on the MCRWS in 2008. The company also makes the M151 RWS (Remote Weapon Station) that’s currently on the Stryker vehicles.

the PROTECTOR MCT30 provides highly accurate firepower for wheeled and tracked combat/armored vehicles. The system is remotely controlled and operated from a protected position inside the vehicle compartment. The main armament is a 30mm automatic cannon equipped with a link less ammunition handling system for increased reliability compared to traditional link fed cannon systems.

The cannon can easily be upgraded to fire 40mm ammunition (Super 40). The turret can be accessed and reloaded from under armor. Furthermore it can be configured as a single user system or a dual user system with a hunter killer capability. The flexible structure of the system and built in options makes it easy to tailor the system to specific customer requirements.