Turkish Army in Syria with Hawk MIM-23 air defense systems

According a picture released on the Twitter account of Suliman Mulhem, Turkey would have deployed air defense missile system Hawk MIM-23 near Aleppo in Syria. On Sunday, January 31, 2017, two images were shared over the social media Twitter showing the deployment of one MIM-23 Hawk short range air defense missile system and its fire control radar inside the northern Syrian province of Aleppo by Turkey armed forces operating in Syria.

Army of Turkey in Syria with Hawk MIM 23 air defense systems 925 001
Turkish army has deployed MIM-23 Hawk air defense missile system (SAM) to Aleppo in Syria. (Picture source Twitter account Suliman Mulhem)

The Turkish military intervention in Syria started in August 2016, code-named by Turkey as Operation Euphrates Shield, it was a cross-border operation by the Turkish military and Turkey-aligned Syrian opposition groups in the Syrian Civil War, which led to the Turkish occupation of northern Syria. Operations were carried out in the region between the Euphrates river to the east and the rebel-held area around Azaz to the west.

Northern Aleppo Governorate is a region of major strategic importance in the Syrian Civil War, previously mostly held by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). For ISIL it was their only gate to the Turkish border.

Turkey is preparing a new military campaign in Syria with the help of the new Free Syrian Army (FSA), west at the Afrin- Deir Ballout, Qalaat Samaan axis, and stretch east towards Zouiyan, Douewir and Fiela.

The HAWK (Homing All the Way Killer) MIM-23 is an all-weather low to medium altitude ground-to-air missile system developed and designed by the American Defence Company Raytheon. The HAWK semi-active radar seeking medium-range SAM system commenced development in 1952 with the US Army awarding a full-scale development contract to Raytheon for the missile in July 1954.

The MIM-23B missile has a minimum engagement range of 1.5 kilometers, a maximum range of 35 km, a minimum engagement altitude of 60 meters, a maximum engagement altitude of 18,000 m and a warhead of 75 kg HE blast/fragmentation. Other improved missiles are also available as the MIM-23C, MIM-23D, MIM-23E/F, MIM-23G/H, MIM-23K/J and MIM-23L/M.