New armored ambulance developed by American Company REV

American Company REV Ambulance Group, a division of REV Group, Inc. (REVG), a manufacturer of industry-leading specialty vehicle brands, has announced the launch of the first ambulance to provide built-in ballistic protection for paramedics and EMTs.

New armored ambulance developed by American Company REV 925 001
New armored ambulance launched by the American Company REV Ambulance Group, a division of REV Group. (Picture source REV Group)

The REV Guardian armored ambulance was designed in response to the increasing threats faced by first responders. The Guardian is a fully functioning ambulance wrapped in Level IIIA ballistic protection. This provides protection for first responders’ entire bodies in the same manner that commonly-issued ballistic vests and helmets protect the chest and head.

The standard package of the new REV armored includes three levels of protection including, a Run flat tire system that ensure the crew can escape even if the tires are compromised. The vehicle is fitted with ballistic glass that protects what is typically the most vulnerable points on the vehicle. It has full envelope of Level IIIA ballistic Kevlar throughout the body of the ambulance.

Bob Collins, President of the REV Ambulance Group, commented, “While it is unfortunate that this sort of ballistic protection is needed, the market has requested the development of an ambulance that does not look like an armored military vehicle and functions like a normal ambulance, while providing increased safety to crews if they are involved in potential active shooter situations.”

In addition to meeting the ballistic protection the REV Guardian can operate as a standard unit within a fleet of ambulances.

REV Guardian represents the latest in a long line of industry-leading innovations intended to keep our nation’s first responders safe while answering their call of duty.