NORINCO SH-1 155mm truck-mounted howitzer in service with Chinese army

SH-1 started as an export project with Pakistan and Burma (Myanmar), the only two known customers. Recent photos of the Chinese 72nd Artillery Brigade, 72nd Army Group, Eastern Theater Command, confirms that the PLA’s equivalent to the SH-1 is now in service in China. The 72nd Artillery Brigade also operates PHL03 300mm long-range MLRS and PLZ05 155mm tracked SP howitzer.

NORINCO SH 1 155mm truck mounted howitzer in service with Chinese army
NORINCO SH-1 truck-mounted 155mm/52 cal howitzer (Picture source: China Defense Blog)

This truck mounted 155mm howitzer - somehow a competitor to Nexter's Caesar - was first revealed in 2007, based on the towed Type 89 (PLL01) 155mm/L52 system. It can fire all standard 155mm NATO ammunition in addition to Norinco's 155mm laser-guided shells. It is mounted on a standard Chinese 6x6 truck chassis but can be easily "remounted" on another truck.

While the SH-1 has no armor protection, it is light enough to be airlifted by a C-130 or a Y-9 class transport aircraft, making it a more flexible option for China's growing Rapid Reaction Units.