Brazilian army receives 6x6 armored Iveco Guarani No. 400

IVECO Defense Vehicles promoted a ceremony commemorating the production of the 6x6 armored personnel carrier (VBTP-MSR) GUARANI number 400 to be delivered to the Brazilian Army. The event took place at the factory headquarters, located in the city of Sete Lagoas.

Brazilian army receives 6 6 armored Iveco Guarani No. 400
Iveco Guarani (Picture source: YouTube)

In the context of the Guarani Strategic Program, this vehicle aims to contribute to the transformation of Motorized Infantry (OM) units into Mechanized units ,and the modernization of OM Mechanized Cavalry, replacing the armored Engesa VBTP EE-11 Urutu and VBR EE- 9 Cascavel armored vehicles.

The Guarani program was launched with the support of the Brazilian Ministry of Defense in 2007 in order to provide the army with a replacement for its aging stocks of EE-11 Urutu series APCs and EE-9 Cascavel armored vehicles dating from the 1970s.

In mid-2013, IVECO inaugurated its plant dedicated to the production of defense vehicles in Sete Lagoas, where approximately 60 vehicles are produced annually for the transport of troops. The project stands out for its innovative nature, by adding modern weapons systems and command and control (communications) systems, composing the New Armored On Wheels (NFBR) Family deployed in the Land Force, which now has 400 units produced.

The Guranai Strategic Program strengthens the National Defense Industrial Base by obtaining autonomy in strategic technologies for the country, contributing to the generation of jobs and training of civilians and military personnel in the development of armored vehicles.