Army of Uruguay will acquire 2 Jordanian-made Al-Wahsh armored personnel carrier vehicles

According to news published by the Spanish Online Defense magazine Infodefensa on June 9, 2020, the army of Uruguay will acquire two 4x4 APC Armored Personnel Carrier vehicles Al-Wahsh designed and produced by the Jordanian company KADDB (King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau).
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Jordanian-made Al-Wahsh 4x4 armored vehicle personnel carrier. (Picture source Army Recognition)

A product of Jordanian Company KADDB, the King Abdullah II Design & Development Bureau, the Al-Wahsh is manufactured by affiliate company JLVM (Jordan Light Vehicle Manufacturing) in partnership with foreign partners.

Built on a Czech TATRA heavy-duty 4×4 cross-country truck chassis, Al-Wahsh (literal translation: The Monster) is crewed by two and can transport up to eight troops. The vehicle weighs about 18 tonnes. The vehicle is powered by a 370-hp diesel coupled to a six-speed automatic transmission, providing a maximum road speed of up to 110 km/h. The vehicle is fitted with an independent suspension system with an approach angle of 30° and a departure angle of 40°. The vehicle can reach 110km/h (69mph) on-road.

The APC is fitted with a STANAG 4569 Level 2 ballistic protection package. The Al-Wahsh displayed at IDEX 2019 was fitted with an RCWS (Remote Controlled Weapon System) armed with a heavy machine gun.