Mali's armed forces are the Army, Air Force, Gendarmerie, Republican Guard, National Guard, and National Police (Sûreté Nationale). The President of Mali is he supreme commander of the Armed Forces and responsible for national defence. The total active manpower is around 7,700 military personnel. There is also a paramilitary force with 2,000 police officer (gendarmerie), and 2,800 national guards. The conscription is 30 months.
The land forces of Mali Armed forces are 6,900 soldiers with the structure:
2 armoured battalions, 4 infantry battalions, 1 paratroop/ special forces battalion, 2 artillery battalions, 1 engineer battalion, 2 commando companies, , 2 anti-aircraft artillery companies, and 1 SAM (ground-to-air missile) battery.

Mali military equipment and vehicles of Malian Army