Russian Western Military District to receive 5 Orlan-10 UAVs TASS 30903161

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Russian Western Military District to receive 5 Orlan-10 UAVs
The Western Military District`s (WMD) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) squadrons deployed at the Sakhalin Region have received five Orlan-10 multirole UAVs, according to the chief of the WMD`s Press Department, Colonel Alexander Gordeev.
Russian Western Military District to receive 5 Orlan 10 UAVs 640 001Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
"Orlan-10 UAV has an endurance of 18 hours. It can fly at heights up to 5000 m, transferring the image to the control station in real-time mode," Gordeev said.

He added, that the UAV squadrons of the district would receive Orlan-10 and Forpost vehicles, as well as long-endurance UAVs.

The Orlan-10’s payloads include an 80-megapixel photographic camera with the preset overlapping automatic device, gyro-stabilized platforms (TV and thermal imaging cameras), a network radio monitoring module, a VHF/UHF signal direction-finder, an Orlan-family UAV control and telemetry channel relay, a gliding container carrier, a radiation monitoring sensor module, etc.

The Orlan-10 vehicle features the ability to carry three-to-four mission payloads at a time, a secure command and telemetry channel with pseudorandom frequency hopping, secure still and video data link, countermeasures-resistant two-phase encoding of both channels, and indigenous video codecs.

Its communications system supports the command and telemetry channel and the datalink at a distance of 120 km, with the data transfer rate being 2-16Mb/s.

The ground control center controls up to four UAVs simultaneously, with each of them being able to operate as a relay UAV for the other three drones. The Orlan-10 is launched by catapult and land by parachute. The UAV is 1.8-m long with the 3.1-m wingspan. Its maximum takeoff weight is 18 kg, with its payload weighing 2.5 kg. The aircraft’s maximum speed is 150 km/h, range of flight 500 km, endurance 16-18 hours, maximum altitude 5,000 m and operating temperature bracket -30°C…+40°C.
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