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Cubic’s vocality Introduces the Next-Gen Radio over Internet Protocol Gateway with OPUS RoIP
Cubic Corporation today announced the launch of OPUS RoIP, a new Radio over IP (RoIP) gateway, by its subsidiary Vocality Inc., which operates within the Cubic Mission Solutions business division. The OPUS RoIP provides users with a simple-to-use, small form factor radio connectivity solution, suitable for use in a wide range of markets, including emergency services, energy production and military applications. The first demonstration of the OPUS RoIP will be held at Security & Policing 2017, the official United Kingdom Government global security event, in the U.K. from March 7 – 9.
Cubic s vocality Introduces the Next Gen Radio over Internet Protocol Gateway with OPUS RoIP 640 001
The OPUS RoIP (Photo Cubic)
The OPUS RoIP features four audio and serial ports in addition to six general-purpose input/outputs (GPIO) to maximize compatibility with an extensive range of radio types, frequencies and manufacturers. Multiple radio types can be connected simultaneously, allowing users to create a unified radio network solution, regardless of what radio equipment is connected. The inbuilt 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and network ports for connecting to fixed line and satellite services means users can create and extend radio networks beyond normal push-to-talk radio range.

“Our engineers are focused on delivering a smaller, more powerful solution with many exciting and innovative new features,” said Zoe Yates, director of product management at Cubic | Vocality. “This singular focus has delivered an evolutionary step forward within the push-to-talk gateway market.”

“Vocality’s OPUS platform enables resilient communications,” said Mike Twyman, president of Cubic Mission Solutions. “We look forward to integrating these capabilities into our secure communications solutions, further enhancing our NextMissionTM strategy for customers worldwide.”

In addition to the launch of OPUS RoIP, Vocality will be launching OPUS Dispatch, a light-weight console application with a drag-and-drop user interface that dynamically creates talk groups, providing interoperability and connectivity between multiple radio devices. OPUS Dispatch can be loaded directly on to the OPUS RoIP, removing the need for additional radio dispatch hardware.