Brazilian MTC-300 cruise missile to be tested in 2019

The Brazilian company Avibras will resume development of Brazil's first indigenously developed cruise missile, with test flights set to begin by the end of this year.

Brazilian cruise missile to be tested in 2019
The Brazilian company AVIBRAS has proven experience in missile and rocket launcher development with the AV-TM 300, also known as MTC-300 cruise missile  (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The BRL 2.45 billion ($740 million) project to develop an indigenous cruise missile began in 2001. Initial development contracts were signed in 2012, with the first order placed in 2016. However, development and the start of production were delayed by the financial crisis in Brazil.

As the country moves beyond the financial crisis, Brasilia is again able to focus on developing new military equipment. Under the new schedule, deliveries of the cruise missile will begin in 2020 and delivery of all 100 on order will be completed by 2023

The cruise missile, known as MTC-300, is being developed as part of the ASTROS 2020 project, which is also developing new multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS). The ASTROS MLRS will be able to launch rockets as well as the MTC-300. The MTC-300 will have a range of 300 kilometers and will be able to hit a target within a 50-meter radius.