France to provide $17 million of military aid to Lebanon including missiles

France will provide $17 million of military aid to army of Lebanon that could include 100 HOT anti-tank missiles, a simulator, training equipment and large quantities of spare parts and tools. These last months, Lebanon has received lot of military equipment from United States and Lebanon.

France to provide 17 million dollars of military aid to Lebanon including missiles 925 001
New upgraded VAB 6x6 armoured personnel carrier of Lebanese army (Picture source

During a meeting in France, February 8, 2018, the French Minister of Defense, Florence Parly has confirmed the delivery of military equipment to the Lebanese army, as well as military training. Lebanon needs to increase and strengthen its capability to conduct border security and counterterrorism operations and importantly to defend the country and the people of Lebanon.

In May 2017, Lebanon has taken delivery of first batch of second hand VAB HOT anti-tank wheeled armoured vehicles from France. According the SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) Arms Transfers Database, since 2011, France has delivered 8 second-hand VAB 4x4 Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC), 9 Sherpa 4x4 APC, and 48 anti-tank missiles Milan and 12 firing posts.

In December 2017, United States has announced the delivery of military equipment to Lebanese army including six new MD 530G light attack helicopters, six new Scan Eagle unmanned aerial vehicles and a large quantity of communication and night vision devices.

According the US State Department, the United States has provided the Lebanese Armed Forces with $1.5 billion in security assistance since 2006 to help the country secure its borders and fight violent extremism.