Iran: IRGC to boost drone and helicopter units

The Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Maj.Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari, announced the Guard Corps’ plan to boost drone and helicopter capabilities due to their decisive roles during operations.

Iran IRGC to boost drone and helicopter units
Iranian CH-47D Chinook (Picture source: Iranian spotter)

Brigadier General Mohammad Ali Jafari made the announcement on the sidelines of the opening of three helicopter centers for the Iran Army Aviation, known as Havaniruz: “Due to the decisive role of using drones and helicopters in operations, we have made a decision to incorporate more use of such technology in IRGC operations, particularly in helliborne and identifying the enemies’ locations in operation areas,” he added.

It was about two years ago that it was decided for the IRGC ground forces to be equipped with helicopter units, he said, adding “with efforts made by the commander of IRGC ground forces, three helicopter units were established and are now ready for mission. This is a remarkable measure which shows once new equipment makes it into a military force, all efforts and resources are focused to make the best use of the equipment.”

“This overhaul center is one of a kind in Iran, and we hope that the growth of the helicopter units of IRGC ground forces will bring about further security and strength for the country,” he added.