Israeli tunnel detection technology for the US and South Korea?

President Donald Trump wants an impassable wall at the US southern border to prevent drug and weapon smugglers from Mexico to penetrate the American soil. The various projected models are impressive in height. But something must also be implemented to prevent and destroy tunnels. South Korea is also concerned with its northern neighbor. The Israelis have got a serious know-how and want to market it.

Israeli tunnel detection technology for the US and South Korea
The IDF and Elbit Systems have gained a unique proven experience in tunnel detection (Picture source: Israeli MoD)

Elbit Systems is willing to export its proven technology built on a long experience gained with the Israel Defense Force in its fight to destroy the – sometimes sophisticated – clandestine tunnels dug between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. The authorization has not yet been granted by the ministry of Defense.

Elbit Systems claims its technology is strategically significant, because it is the first effective system of its kind in the world. The top-secret system is based on sensors that monitor underground events and provide alerts when spaces are detected there. The publication of full particulars about the system, however, is forbidden.

The company claims its could interest the US in its struggle against drug smuggling on the US-Mexico border. It could also be used extensively on the border between North and South Korea: it has been known for years that long and wide tunnels have been dug by North Korea toward its southern neighbor to send spotted military forces in the event of a conflict.