Russian arms export in 2017 exceeded $15bn says Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin chaired the first meeting of the commission for military-technical cooperation this year and said the country has been quite successful arms trader, the Kremlin website said.

Putin federal adress 2018
Vladimir Putin adressing to the Russian Federal Assembly on March 1st, 2018

"Russia matches high standards and confirms its status of one of the leading providers on the world arms market. The export of military hardware has grown for a third year running to more than $15 billion. The ability to effectively work even in conditions of political provocations and economic subversions shows the sustainability and immense potential of the Russian military-technical cooperation system," Putin said.

The president thanked the leadership and staff of the defense enterprises and all those who work in the sector of military-technical cooperation for the achieved results. "This success is especially dear amid tough non-market conditions in which the Russian enterprises have to work," the president said.

There is unprecedented pressure on countries which want to buy Russian arms. It aims to eliminate a competitor on the global arms market and undermine the defense capability of the countries. Still the geography of Russian arms trade is on the rise and the number of partner-countries has exceeded a hundred.

Putin said the value of arms deals signed last year doubled to $16 billion. "It took the overall value of orders for Russian weapons and equipment to more than $45 billion," the president said.

"This means that Russia’s military-industrial complex has enough orders for the supply of cutting-edge and next-generation defense systems for several years to come," Putin said.

"Russia will be actively developing military-technical cooperation with all interested countries, including in most high-tech segments of aviation, air defense, ground troops and the Navy that have demonstrated their utmost efficiency during the Syrian operation," Putin said.

But Russia will never put commercial interests before global security. "Time has proved that we are an honest and decent business partner who always observes contracted and international commitments," the president said.

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