U.S. President would like to create Space Force

During a speech to military personnel at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, the U.S. President Donald Trump has proposed to create a "Space Force" as a new branch of U.S. armed forces.

US President has proposed to create a Space Force as a new branch of US armed forces 925 001
The Air Force successfully launched the ninth Boeing-built Wideband Global SATCOM satellite aboard a United Launch Alliance Delta IV Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle from Space Launch Complex 37B, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla., March 18, 2017. (Picture source US Air Force)

"Maybe we need a new force, I call it Space Force. I was not really serious, but now I'm thinking that's a great idea. We're making a Space Force. Tremendous," said Trump, noting that his country is going to lead again in space.

In July 2017, the U.S. Congressional Strategic Forces Subcommittee proposed the establishment of Space Corps that would fall under the Air Force, and for a Unified States Space Command under the United States Strategic Command, but the proposal was banned

The Space Corps would be composed of a chief of staff (appointed by the president and serving for six years), and other offices and officials deemed necessary by the Air Force Secretary and Space Corps Chief of Staff.

Russian army has also its Space Forces which is a branch of the Russian Aerospace forces having been reestablished following the 1 August 2015 merger between the Russian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces after a 2011 dissolving of the branch.

The main tasks of the Russian Space Forces are informing the higher political leaders and military commanders of missile attacks as soon as possible, ballistic missile defense, and the creation, deployment, maintenance and control of in-orbit space vehicles.

Currently, United States is facing significant strategic vulnerabilities in the face of Russian and Chinese ventures into space warfare.

In September 2014, China has created a fifth branch of the People’s Liberation Army devoted to space operations. The branch was created to focus on military operations in space.