The President is the head of the state. Following the military putsch in August 2008 that ousted the President, the country is ruled by a High Council of State. The President of the High Council has the power for the Defense decision until the new presidential election.
The total active manpower for the Mauritanian Armed Forces is around 9,200 personnel. There is also a Para-military forces with 2,000 police officer, and 2,500 national guards. The National Guard is equipped and trained as an elite Army Unit.
The Land Forces of Mauritanian Army is around 8,600 soldiers with the structure:
- 7 infantry battalions
- 2 armoured car squadrons
- 1 parachute/commando battalion
- 2 camel corps battalions
- 1 reconnaissance squadron
- 2 artillery batteries
- 1 engineer company
- 4 anti-aircraft batteries

Military equipment and vehicles Mauritania Army of Mauritania.