Pentagon admits sending troops to Yemen to fight Al Qaida 40905163

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Pentagon admits sending troops to Yemen to fight Al Qaida
The Pentagon has confirmed the deployment of US troops in Yemen, for the first time since last year. The department’s spokesman, Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, confirmed the decision along with the fact that US also stepped up its airstrikes against Al Qaida in the Arab Peninsula (AQAP).
Pentagon admits sending troops to Yemen to fight Al Qaida
Special Forces have been playing a critical role in US strategy dealing with
threats worldwide (Photo: US Army SOCOM)

AQAP has been present in the area for more than a decade. As a result of the recent power vacuum in the country, the terrorist organization has expanded its control of southern areas. However, it has lately been retreating due to the pro-government forces’ offensive.

The Pentagon spokesman mentioned that the troops have been there for two weeks already and that the US leadership regards it as “short-term” mission. He refrained from giving information on the size of the contingent except for that it is “a very small number”.

The force’s mission is to advise Yemeni and Emirati forces fighting in the area near the port of Mukalla. Capt. Jeff Davis stated that it is not in the US interests to have a port city under a terrorist organization’s control. He also made clear that the US force is providing medical, intelligence, maritime, air-surveillance and air-refueling support to the Arab forces assisting Yemen.

The US maintained a force of 100 people but after the collapse of the southern Yemen areas and Al Anad Air Base to the shia Houthi rebels. Although the air base has been retaken by the Saudi-led coalition, the shia fighters still control large areas of the country, including the capital Sana’a. They have also issued a statement that they will fight US and UAE forces with all of their strength.