Swedish Army received v2.0 software of the KomNod IP-comms system 40305162

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Swedish FMV received v2.0 software of the KomNod IP-comms system
The Swedish Procurement Agency (FMV) has received the latest version of the voice and data communication KomNod system’s software. The IP-based tactical communications system started in 2009 was granted to Thales in 2010. It was installed on the Army's  vehicles, as part of a Swedish Armed Forces-wide programme for IP-based communication infrastructure.
Swedish Army received v2.0 software of the KomNod IP-comms system
The Director of the Swedish Procurement Agency (FMV) Peter Kivikari (left) with Per Klethagen of Thales (right) during the delivery ceremony in Stockholm (Photo: FMV)

The KomNod is based on the SOTASIP system, an IP-based ruggedized multi-service vehicular platform. It provides radio, telephony, alarms, routing, ETHERNET, intercom and management services. The core of the system is a router that manages the ingoing and outgoing communication. That allows a vehicle’s crew members to communication with each other and with higher command levels.

The system has been installed on the Patria Patgb 360 (AMV), the BAE Systems – Hagglunds Bv 410, the KMW Strv 122 tanks (Leopard 2) and Bgbv 120 (Buffel), the BAE Systems CV90 and Archer self-propelled howitzer and the CB90 (combat boats). A total of 900 units have been acquired.

The latest version of the KomNod allows the exchange of data, thus upgrading the command and control capabilities of the Swedish Army. The order for the v2.0 was made in 2014. The first batch of the upgrades was delivered at the end of March and the last one will be delivered in the next few days.



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