H6 Pro helmet, certified VPAM 6 Kalashnikov protection

This combat helmet from Welp Armpouring offers unprecedented bullet resistance according to VPAM HVN 2009 protection class 6. This is equivalent to ballistic protection against calibre 7.62 x 39 mm ammunition. This exceptionally high ballistic protection is provided throughout the helmet’s entire surface area of 1,335 cm².

H6 Pro helmet certified VPAM 6 Kalashnikov protection
The H6 Pro helmet from Welp Armouring offers unprecedented bullet resistance according to VPAM HVN 2009 protection class 6 (Picture source: Welp Group)

This makes the H6 Pro unique in its category. In contrast to the common frequently used protective helmets, the H6 Pro offers unrestrictedly high 360° protection. Thus, the helmet wearer is completely protected even in the edge areas. Conventional helmet manufacturers often use different materials or deliberately abandon protection of the edge areas.

This unique feature will soon be tested and certified by the German Beschussamt according to the latest VPAM guideline. The H6 Pro combat helmet has an adjustable belt system, which secures it reliably against accidental slipping. Thanks to the padded inserts, the H6 Pro also offers a high degree of wearing comfort, which can be adjusted to different head circumferences from 51 to 65 cm by using the built-in flexible belt system. The belt system is also very easy to use and constructed for one-handed adjustments, enabling its wearer to make quick adjustments to the helmet in action.

Via a flexible rail system on the outside of the helmet, all established accessories can be attached – without screw holes through the outer shell. The special construction of the H6 Pro offers the helmet wearer the best possible vision and the possibility of using common night vision devices. Despite its full edge protection, the hearing ability of the helmet wearer is only restricted minimally. In addition, the helmet can further be equipped with ballistic visor up to protection level 3, shatter protection visor, helmet cover coat (sample according to customer request), different colours (on customer request), headset (on request), and compatibility with respiratory masks (on request).

The H6 Pro offers a uniquely high level of protection and is especially recommended for short special operations such as SEKs (Special Deployment Commandos) and MEKs (Mobile Deployment Commandos) and high threat situations caused by calibre 7.62 x 39mm ammunition and with a variable protection area of – for example – 600 x 1.100 mm.

Experience the H6 Pro first-hand at booth G704 at Eurosatory 2018, in hall 6!


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