New Colt Canada C20 7.62mm caliber sniper rifle for Canadian Army

Canadian army will receive the new sniper rifle C20 in a 7.62 mm caliber produced by Colt Canada to replace the C8 used by the sniper teams. According to Canadian military sources, the new C20 will be more accurate and an improvement over the current C8 used by Canadian soldiers.
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New Colt Canada C20 7.62mm caliber sniper rifle. (Picture source Colt Canada)

The new C20 rifle was selected by the Canadian Army in August 2019, as part of their Sniper System Project, and was developed to be used as a sniper rifle. The C20 is manufactured by Colt Canada and 300 rifles are expected to be delivered to the Canadian army. The Canadian government initially awarded a $2-million contract to Colt Canada on February 28, 2020, to establish the production line to produce the C20 sniper rifle.

According to a technical review published by the "'The Fire Arm" Blog, the C20 uses a direct gas impingement system and has a monolithic upper receiver, a technology licensed from LMT, that allows a full-length Picatinny top rail. The MRR-L Integrated Upper Receiver has an MLOK forend. The C20 has a Geissele SSA Dual-Stage Trigger, an LMT DMR adjustable buttstock, and an American Defence bipod. It has been tested with OSS’ QD7.62 suppressor and a can from ASTUR. The Canadian Armed Forces have not yet selected an optic to run with the C20.