May 2020 Global Defence & Security Industry - Military News


The procurement time and number of S-350 Vityaz air defense weapons in the coming years have been determined. The launchers are currently supplied to air defense training centers but will be soon be delivered to combat units. Experts believe the deliveries will call for large-scale retraining of the personnel to operate in modern warfare and repel massive strikes by cruise missiles and prospective weapons, the Izvestia daily writes.

Following an official tender, the DroneGun Tactical, designed and manufactured by the company DroneShield has been selected as the preferred portable counter-drone system by the European Union police forces. The agreement represents the first framework rollout of counter-drone equipment by any Government customer, anywhere in the world. The process was run by Belgium Police, with an EU-wide framework. Sales, training, and local support will be managed by DroneShield’s Benelux region partner ForcePro BV.

On May 22, Army Recognition mentioned armaments contracts signed by Morocco with France and, at last, officially announced. According to Michel Cabirol in the French newspaper La Tribune, it is possible to publish precisions about one of the two types of equipment (we shall come back later on the second one): Caesar self-propelled howitzers.

On May 14, 2020, Australian Company Bisalloy Steel Group has announced the extension of its longstanding teaming agreement with Rheinmetall Defence Australia (Rheinmetall) for the further development and production of high-performance armor steel for military vehicles. This steel is to be used for Rheinmetall’s Australian manufactured BOXER 8×8 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRV), for export customers and specifically, once certified by the German Government, used as a source of supply for Rheinmetall in Germany.

The Japanese Ground Self Defense Force currently uses the Howa Type 89 assault rifle. On December 6, 2019, the Japanese Ministry of Defense announced that plans had started to get a successor. It’s done! The Howa Type 20 assault rifle, so named since it is being introduced in fiscal 2020, was displayed to the media on May 18 at the Defense Ministry in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward.

The Arquus teams of Limoges have recently completed the production of the 1,000th Sherpa armored vehicle. It is a major milestone for the Sherpa family, founded in 2006, which has constantly evolved since. It thus joins a very select circle of multipurpose vehicles, 14 years after its first presentation at Eurosatory 2006.

The Armament Department of the People’s Liberation Army will host "Crossing Obstacles 2020" land-based unmanned system competition in the forthcoming September and October, in a bid to further promote the innovation and development of the PLA Army’s unmanned system equipment. Wang Xinjuan reports on China Military.

As reported by RIA Novosti on May 18, 2020, Russia and Kyrgyzstan are discussing the supply of 9K37 Buk-M1 (SA-11 Gadfly in NATO code) anti-aircraft missile systems and Mi-8 helicopters from the Russian Armed Forces, the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST) reports.

Troops from NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence battlegroup in Lithuania are training together with British and Spanish pilots from the Alliance’s Baltic Air Policing mission. The training, which began on Monday (11 May 2020) and wraps up this week, provides an opportunity to improve close air support and aircrew procedures and skills.

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