Condor shows at Milipol Paris the most accurate non-lethal ammunition in the world.

A pioneer in the implementation of the non-lethal concept in Brazil and a global leader in the development of this type of technology, Condor is once again present at Milipol Paris 2017, one the main events in the world of defense and security industry. The latest equipment and systems for military and police forces will be on display, such as Precision- the world's highest precision soft-elastomer-controlled-impact ammunition and patented by Condor in the USA.

condor nonlethal ammunition milipol 925 001
Condors's Precision ammunitions family

The NT-901 foam round projectile, with the power to temporarily incapacitate the offender trough the effects of its highly intimidating impact, and the new generation of Spark electric weapon, the fisrt manufactured in Brazil and by Condor. These technologies are extremely effective and can be checked at the company's stand, which today exports its products to more than 50 countries. The use of non-lethal technologies allows lawn enforcement agency to adopt the principle of the proportional use of force, whose central objective is to reduce lethality, permanent injury and damage to property. This is based on a paradigm shift, from which the lethal weapon is only used as a last resort. Prior to this, the security force have other action within this operational range.

These include: ostensive presence, verbal command / negotiation / warning (smoke grenade and warning cartridge), irritating agents (pepper spray and tear gas, explosions and side effects (indoor and outdoor grenades) and controlled impact (rubber ammunition. It is notorious that conflicts in the world have in recent times gone trough changes. Given this situation, the defense and security forces seek to ensure law and order trough non-lethal weapons, with the power to control to control urban disturbances without causing permanent damage. the work of the UN Peace Forces, especially in the case of Haiti, is another significant example of the successful use of this type of technology.


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