Glock audio showcase the LSA-X loudspeaker system at Milipol 2017

At Milipol Paris 2017, Glock audio presents its LSA-X, a high performance loudspeaker system designed for speech transmition of long distances particularly in disaster and rescue situations.

glock audio lsax loudspeaker 925 001

The LSA-X is a battery powered, high performance loud-speaker system with exceptional speech intelligibility and extreme long-range capability. Weighting only 5.8kg makes the LSA-X one the the highest performing battery powered systems in its class worldwide. The three stage AP-LOCK system is a unique safety feature protecting users during commissioning and use, from health risks caused by excessive noise. the use of high efficiency precision loudspeaker in combination with the latest amplifier, battery and speaker technology, creates a superior performance within a small package.

This system enables you to transmit high quality speech content over distances of 500 to 1000 meters, thereby influencing the target audience in the most effective way. the acoustic design of the patented system allows the systems to be cascaded to double the output of the system (+6db) and effective radius. Modern battery managemement allows operational battery life to be extendend from 6 to 24 hours and 120 hours in standby. The optional Sennheiser wireless microphone, allows an operating radius of up to 100M.


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