Milipol Paris 2019: Infrared Research Development (IR&D) showcases its know-how

The IR&D Company specializes in the design and manufacture of intelligent thermal sighting and surveillance systems used for defense, security and hunting. They are displaying their know-how at Milipol 2019, the leading homeland security and safety exhibition taking place in Paris from 19 - 22 November.

Milipol Paris 2019 Infrared Research Development IRD showcases its know how 01
LYNX (Picture source: IR&D)

Giving the future a hand to arrive is IR&D’s goal. The company achieves it by creating innovative technologies. While no one has intentions to change the thermal imaging systems environment, IR&D’s team has worked on it.

Effective collaboration of its own engineering design center and powerful industrial base allows the company to produce unique sighting and surveillance systems which have no analogues in the world in the field of functional and technical solutions.

Continuous improvement of existing models and production of new models guarantee the IR&D Company a trendsetting position in the sphere of thermal sighting and surveillance. The use of infrared sensors from leading manufacturers and own developed laser rangefinder in the equipment allows to accomplish assigned tasks in all weather conditions, e.g. rain, snow, fog, as well as in absolute darkness, smoke, etc.

Milipol Paris 2019 Infrared Research Development IRD showcases its know how 02
LYNX drawings (Picture source: IR&D)

At Milipol Paris 2019, IR&D presents the LYNX, a new generation of Thermal surveillance device-that can be mounted onto optical sight providing detection, recognition, identification and aiming of the unsheltered, camouflaged or partially concealed behind the barrier targets at day, night, rain, snow, fog, high humidity, heat and other weather conditions.

The LYNX is a modern hi-tech element base of the block of the electronic unit and advanced functional capabilities. Thermal imaging sensor, Linux OS based computer, ballistic calculator, GPS module, 3axis gyro sensor, G meter, electronic compass, interfaces of remote control, communications and data transfer are integrated into minimal size and weight shockproof and waterproof aluminum-magnesium alloy case.

The LYNX mounts directly onto optical sight by using of special adapter or supplied with precision quick-detachable bracket for installation on the Picatinny bar.
Easy handling, universal and multifunctional, the LYNX is perfectly suitable for hunters and militaries as system red-dot sight/clip-on, optical sight/clip-on, and also standalone as a thermal sight or surveillance device.