AMZ showcases its Hipopotam at MSPO 2013

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MSPO 2013
International Defence Industry Exhibition

2 - 5 September 2013
Kielce, Poland
AMZ showcases Hipopotam concept at MSPO 2013
Tuesday, September 3, 2013, 8:35 PM
AMZ showcases its Hipopotam at MSPO 2013
Polish Manufacturer of armoured and special utility vehicles, AMZ, is showcasing its Hipopotam vehicle. Unveiled last year at MSPO, the vehicle is an amphibious 8x8 armoured transporter.
At MSPO 2013, International Defense Exhibition in Poland, AMZ brought its Hipopotam 8x8 amphibious armoured transporter. Unveiled last year at MSPO, the vehicle is still in development.The AMZ Hipopotam at MSPO 2013.

The Hipopotam AMZ hopes to sell the type not only to military forces but also for civilian. Indeed, according to AMZ the vehicle can be used in relieve missions during disaster.Poland has suffered several devastating floods from its many rivers in recent years, and such capabilities were not a primary concern in 2003, when Rosomak production was launched.

With an empty weight of 23t and a maximum of 32t, the Hipopotam is amphibious until 27t. The on road top speed is given at 100km/h and its presentation at MSPO 2013 is in a 5 crew version. The protection can be upgraded up to a STANAG level 4.

The Hipopotam is motorized with a 480-kilowatt diesel engine TCD 2015 V08 from Germany's Deutz. It will also be equipped with water jet propellers made by the U.K.'s Ultra Dynamics, at least two torsion axles from Timoney Technologies, and an automatic gearbox supplied by U.S. manufacturer Allison Transmission.

Design of the Hipopotam has a versatility of the interior layout and the ability to quickly adapt it depending on the type of activities conducted. Currently Hipopotam is adapted to Wheeled Engineering Reconnaissance Vehicle version for five-man crew (commander, driver-mechanic, two scout-engineers and scout-chemist).