MSPO 2015: BMC showcases 50 years of know-how in manufacturing military vehicles 202091512

MSPO 2015
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International Defense Industry Exhibition & conference
1 - 4 September 2015
Kielce , Poland
BMC at MSPO 2015
MSPO 2015: BMC showcases 50 years of know-how in manufacturing military vehicles
Having started production of military vehicles 50 years ago, the Turkish company BMC continues leveraging on its experience and its know-how to showcase some of the most advanced vehicles in this industrial segment. For the 23rd MSPO exhibition, BMC decided to showcase its most famous MRAP and tactical trucks platforms.
BMC showcases 50 years of know how in manufacturing military vehicles in Poland 640 001BMC Kirpi 6x6 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle
As of today, BMC; besides all ranges (light, medium, and heavy vehicles options, and tractor, trucks, van, minibus, midi-bus, bus types) of commercial vehicles, spare parts and casting parts, produces military and special-purpose vehicles such as Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicles, Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles, Tactical Wheeled Vehicles, and Logistics Support Vehicles with approximately 700 derivative vehicles.

BMC has delivered around 5.000 military vehicles consisting of 2.5 ton 4x4, 5 ton 4x4, 10ton 6x6, Mine Resistant and Ambush Protected Vehicles, 2.5 ton 4x4, 5 ton 4x4, 10ton 6x6 Tactical Wheeled Vehicles and various Logistics Support Vehicles for Turkish Armed Forces so far, and it has become the sole tactical vehicle supplier for all platforms needed by Turkish Armed forces.

BMC KIRPI Mine Resistant and Ambush Protected Vehicles were developed recently and its protection level approved throughout comprehensive mine and ballistic tests by international accredited test laboratories.

The vehicle is in use by Turkish Armed Forces and a North African Country’s Armed Forces against terrorism and attacked by terrorists with explosives many times; hence it is combat proven, and can carry the troops safely. It was delivered to Turkish Army more than 600 units. The vehicle has a monocoque body with V-Shape underbelly, suspended seats with 5-point safety belt and it has been equipped with Air Conditioning System, Ventilation System, Automatic Fire Detection and Suppression System for driver and engine compartments, CTIS, Run-Flat Tires, Firing Ports, Cold Start System, Independent Cabin Heater, optionally Automatic Remote Controlled Weapon Station. The vehicle is powered by 375 PS water cooled engine coupled with fully automatic transmission. It has 6x6 variant as well. The vehicle can be used as troop transporter, fighting vehicle, ambulance, command and control vehicle, surveillance and reconnaissance vehicle, etc. in all environments where lives need protection.

In order to meet higher load capacity requirements for various applications, 6x6 configuration of Kirpi has been developed with remote controlled automatic weapon station.

BMC showcases 50 years of know how in manufacturing military vehicles in Poland 640 002BMC 380-26-P (6x6) 10 Ton Wheeled Tactical Truck
BMC Tactical Trucks have been qualified by testing under all terrains and climatic conditions, including automotive tests and they have been used by Turkish Army with approximate quantity of 3.000 vehicles. They are also selected as sole strategic vehicle sources for all platform projects of Turkish Armed Forces. BMC Tactical Vehicles are mainly composed of 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 configurations ranging from 2.5 tons to 20 tons of payload. The vehicles can be supplied with any platform for various types of missions or tasks required. BMC 380-26-P (6x6) 10 Ton Wheeled Tactical Vehicles are primarily used for Ammunition Carrier, Cargo Carrier, Gun Tower, Wrecker, Fuel and Water Tanker platforms. The vehicle has been tested and approved by Middle Eastern and North African countries.

BMC-245-16 P (4x4) 5 ton Mobile Repair Vehicle is used for maintenance and repair of the land vehicles in the field, by means of its telescopic crane and rich equipment such as compressor, power generator and tools, housed in its shelter. BMC EFE (4x4) 2.5 Ton Wheeled Tactical Vehicle is used for troop transportation and ambulance. A new member of Tactical Wheeled Vehicles family, 6x6 Tractor Truck, has been developed recently. The tactical vehicles can be equipped with armored driver cabin, as it was developed recently.