Polish Defense Industry PGZ has formulated its 2015 -2030 strategy with the goal of 60,000 new jobs 10609152

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1 - 4 September 2015
Kielce , Poland
PGZ Polish Defense Industry at MSPO 2015
Polish Defense Industry PGZ has formulated its 2015 - 2030 strategy with the goal of 60,000 new jobs.
"By 2030 we would like to triple our revenue up to 12 billion PLN and thus be ranked among Europe's 10 leading defense companies", announced the PGZ (Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa - Polish Armaments Group) President Wojciech Dabrowski. the largest exhibitor at the Kielce International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO has formulated its 2015 - 2030 strategy. The objective is creation of a strong national security system.

PGZ desires to be innovations leader, operate in the individual products and specialized systems sectors, set future trends and guarantee stable employment and economic growth. Finally, according to the strategy in 2030 a-12 billion PLN revenue is to be generated with 6 billion PLN from exports and civilian markets. According to the strategy presented at the MSPO, the plan for Polish Armed Forces technical modernization, exports development and civilian markets expansion will be the growth pillars.

"We have integrated Poland's arms industry", said President of the PGZ Capital Group Wojciech Dabrowski during the strategy presentation - this is the time for business integration so that we advance to become one of Europe's 10 companies. The strategy has been developed by the boards of 38 key companies and 150 PGZ specialists. The strategy indicates that by 2018 the key defense industry companies today's PGZ is composed of will develop a strong national concern.

PGZ ambition is to generate a sales revenue on military equipment and services at the level of 9.5 billion PLN a year with 6 billion PLN in the domestic market sales. The projected threefold increase in PGZ business will translate into about 60 thousand new job openings in the company and the cooperating enterprises.

Competence and experience are our main assets enhanced with a stable financial situation and highly qualified staff as well as the ability to develop products and services - convinced the president Dabrowski. - In addition to our traditional product domains such as land, air and sea platforms, electronics and IT, air defences, ammunition and missiles, barrel artillery and rounds as well as ballistic protection weapons we will develop new specialisations. These will include cyber, space and satellite technologies. By 2030 we intend to launch 100 new products. We want to foster cooperation with the business, military and scientific milieus.

Successful development of the national defense industry will also translate into the armed forces' success - said the PGZ conference guest - Minister of National Defence Tomasz Siemoniak, who was also present during the first day of MSPO.

The recipe for success is entrepreneurship combined with competitiveness. Polish Armaments Group gives offers this opportunity - added Minister of the Treasury Andrzej Czerwinski who has also paid a visit to Kielce. - We have a chance to develop a robust, global-scale company.