TDA Armements highlights innovative Telson 2 rocket launcher and Aculeus Laser Guided Rocket 20309157

MSPO 2015
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International Defense Industry Exhibition & conference
1 - 4 September 2015
Kielce , Poland
TDA Armements at MSPO 2015
TDA Armements highlights innovative Telson 2 rocket launcher and Aculeus Laser Guided Rocket
Two major products of the France-based TDA Armements, part of Thales Group, are on display besides the Watchkeeper tactical drone at MSPO 2015: the Telson 2 digital rocket launcher and the Aculeus LG Laser Guided Rocket.
TDA Armements highlight innovative Telson 2 rocket launcher and Aculeus Laser Guided Rocket 640 001TDA Armements Telson 2 Digital Rocket Launcher and Aculeus Laser Guided Rocket system showcased at MSPO 2015 in Kielce, Poland
Appointed under the Trade Mark TELSON, TDA's digital rocket launchers are available in a range of sizes including 22, 12, 8 and dual-tube models. They are designed for latest-generation combat aircraft, combat helicopters, light reconnaissance and liaison helicopters, operational light aviation and unmanned air systems.

TDA has developed the dual-tube rocket launcher version (TELSON 2) for piston-engined light aircraft such as the CHEELAR from ISSOIRE AVIATION, or fixed winged drones.

This solution provides emerging powers as well as established forces with more affordable access to effective, combat-proven technology for a broad spectrum of missions ranging from air patrol to airspace, maritime and territorial surveillance.

This type of rocket launcher is also suitable for UAVs deployed against targets with high operational value or for remotely piloted vehicles deployed on persistent surveillance missions.

The dual-tube rocket launcher TELSON 2 from TDA is also suitable for unmanned rotorcraft such as the TANAN system developed by Airbus and DCNS, on which it as already be tested.

This configuration was successfully tested on the ground during live firing trials in October 2014 at the La Ferté Saint Aubin establishment [watch video hereunder]. Arming this type of UAV with TDA's Induction Rocket Systems (IRS) combines the advantages of a hover-capable air vehicle with the lethality a high-performance weapon system.

The ACULEUS LG warhead, part of TDA's Induction Laser Guided Rocket system, has been conceived to limit the collateral damages to a 20 meters radius. The projectile is able to destroy light vehicles of the pick-up type (and all the on board fighters) and to damage, or to neutralize, light armoured vehicules, static or on the move. The Aculeus LG has sub-metric precision capability on static and moving target, as well as lock-on after launch capability.

The Aculeus LG has total weight of 8,8 kg, making it easily transportable for support troops. Its firing range is comprised between 1,000 m and 5,000 m.

TDA's ILGR rocket system will come into service in the French armed forces in 2019. The first platform to be equipped with will be the Tiger attack helicopter, but the rocket system can also be fitted on every aircraft capable of carrying the Telson rocket launcher.

The US Army has shown interest for the Induction Laser Guided Rocket system, and discussions about it between the french company, the french General Directorate for Armament (DGA) and US Army already started.