At MSPO 2016, Roketsan presents its solutions for battlefield precision engagement 70809164

MSPO 2016
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International Defense Industry Exhibition & conference
6 - 9 September 2016
Kielce, Poland
MSPO 2016 - Roketsan
At MSPO 2016, Roketsan presents its solutions for battlefield precision engagement
As new weapons emerge from the confidence in laser guidance philosophy, Roketsan presents reliable and cost effective solutions for the battlefield. The pioneer, trendsetter precision strike weapon, CIRIT raised the stake high for Laser Guided Weapons as production continues.
At MSPO 2016 Roketsan presents its solutions for battlefield precision engagement 002
TEBER missile
(Credit: Army Recognition)

This all-up round combat proven missile designed to eliminate light armored, fast moving opportunity targets with high precision, low collateral damage and affordable cost making it a weapon of choice for the missions and platforms. CIRIT already integrated on attack helicopters, light combat helicopters and close air support platforms was also introduced together with MBDA Deutschland to German Armed Forces TIGER-UHT.

Developed from the proven laser guidance technology came forward the anti-tank missile, L-UMTAS. 160mm caliber, 37kg missile carrying a new age tandem warhead capable of defeating any armor as told. L-UMTAS using the same laser designator onboard couples up with CIRIT to give flexibility to the pilot to eliminate the variety of targets.

A new weapon namely “TEBER”, the name of which was inspired from an ancient double sided axe, is introduced following the success of CIRIT and L-UMTAS missiles. The combination of Laser Seeker and GPS/INS guidance kit shifts the Mk Series general purpose bombs into precision guided weapons. Ranging up to 28km, this highly maneuverable weapon is capable of eliminating a target moving at 100 km speed. The weapon is set to finalize the certification on F-16 Fighter Aircraft and the serial production is to be initiated in late 2016. Within the scope of an agreement recently signed between Roketsan and Airbus Defence & Space, the newly developed C295W Multirole Aircraft will be armed and demonstrated with all three laser guided weapons.

Last but not least, the successful firings of the new Smart Micro Munition have demonstrated the free-fall guided munition capability from different UAV platforms. Smart Micro Munition is an optimum weapon to be used from UAVs and light attack aircraft providing effective damage with High Explosive Blast Fragment warhead. The serial production and the initial deliveries are planned to begin this year.