South Korean defence ministry K-11 weapon system MSPO 2017

At MSPO 2017, the Korean Defence Ministry exhibits the K11 Dual-Barrel Air-Burst Weapon system.

K11 korean air burst weapon mspo 2017 925 001 The K-11 dual-barrel weapon system showcases on the Korean Defence Ministry at MSPO 2017

The K11 dual-calibre air-burst weapon was first shown to public in 2009, during DSEI military expo, although information on its development was available since about 2006. The K11 (XK11 during early development) weapon is being developed under direction of the Agency for Defense Development of the Republic of Korea, with the Company S&T Daewoo. K11 advanced individual weapon system has the lethality of 5.56 mm kinetic energy and 20 mm high explosive air bursting with full solution fire control system. The above-target air bursting extends lethal area of high explosive ammunitions. K11 can suppress defiladed targets in a fox hole or behind the obstacle. K11 provides significantly increased probability of incapacitation and survivability in field and urban terrain.

The K-11 dual-barrel air bursting weapon system combines the letahl 20mm air busting ammunition and 5.56mm NATO rounds with an automatic electro-optical fire control sysmte to effectively defeat targets at extended ranges. The K11 can fire both 20mm and 5.56mm ammunitions with single trigger. Moreover, the K11 can strike point targets and especially hidden targets in a fox hole with its 20mm air bustging ammunition. With such high level of combat capabilities, the K11 is certainly expected to be linked ti future soldier system.

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