MSPO 2018: New Polish-made portable counter UAVs system LANCA 2.0

At MSPO 2018, the International Defense Industry Exhibition in Poland, Polish Company Wojskowe Zakłady Elektroniczne (WZE) presents its new counter UAV systems LANCA 2.0 designed to neutralize small flying objects.

New Polish made portable counter UAVs system LANCA 2 0 925 001
New WZE LANCA 2.0 counter UAVs system at MSPO 2018, International Defense Industry Exhibition in Kielce, Poland. September 2018. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The potential threat from small UAVs in the hands of terrorists or during combat operations is a reality today, all the UAVs can carry surveillance cameras or a brick of powerful explosives. The world UAVs has create a new level of threat for the military and security forces, but also has expanded the danger to civilian power plants, sports arenas, ships, railroads, and pipelines.

For these reasons, military and security forces have developed Counter-drone technology, also known as counter-UAS, C-UAS, or counter-UAV technology, refers to systems that are used to detect and/or intercept unmanned aircraft. The growth of C-UAS technology is directly tied to mounting concerns about the threat that drones pose both in civilian and wartime environments.

The new LANCA 2.0 was developed to offer a modular architecture allowing the possibility to expand the product and create new configuration. It has a wide range of of operating frequencies able to neutralize drones at a maximum range of 1,000 m. The top of the counter UAV system is fitted with a Picatinny rail which is equipped with a Tactical Rifle Scope.

The LANCA 2.0 anti-drone systems ensure a robust and effective no-fly zone that can be applied to convoy protection, operation bases and facilities.

Recently, Polish Armament Inspectorate has started technical dialogue for the program NIDA with local and international companies for the supply of a system to detect and counter unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).