MSPO 2019 : New version of Tank destroyer based on BWP 1 modified chassis

At MSPO 2019, defence exhibition in Poland, HSW SA in collaboration with MBDA present a new project of the mobile anti-tank tracked armored vehicle based on a modified chassis BWP-1 IFV.

New version of Tank destroyer with BWP 1 modified chassis MSPO 2019 925 002
A new version of Tank destroyer with BWP 1 modified chassis armed with Brimstone anti-tank guided missile. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Tank Destroyer is an innovative military vehicle developed through the modernization of the BWP 1 using the newest technologies and design solutions. This is a tracked vehicle capable of combatting heavily armoured targets including those protected by active protection systems. Modernization of an infantry combat vehicle is a solution that can allow Polish armed forces to gain combat vehicle and specialist versions with parameters compare with this type modern platform that compromises up to the time of insertion of New floating Reconnaissance Combat Vehicle to equipment of the Police armed forces.

The Tank destroyer is equipped with the new generation 12 guide cassette long-range missile launcher (up to 12 km) programmable to perform precise missions with the "fire and forget" ability. It embarks the Modern Optoelectronic day and night observations devices which are able to ensure operations and effective combat of enemy vehicles in limited visibility conditions (night, rainfall, fog,...). It has the ZSMU (Remote controlled weapon station) equipped with a 12.7 caliber weapon. The modern digital external communication system (in accordance with the NATO standard), cooperating with the internal one system, ensuring situational awareness of the crew and the ability to communicate with cooperating allied forces. Smoke grenade launchers are integrated with the self-protection system as well as two navigations and positioning systems: inertial and satellite, an economical easily removal power pack drive unit and the ICT infrastructure which ensure the implementation of the battlefield management system.

The anti-tank vehicle uses the air-launched ground attack missile "Brimstone" developed by MBDA for Britain's Royal Air Force. It was originally intended for "fire-and-forget" use against mass formations of enemy armour, using a millimetric wave (mmW) active radar homing seeker to ensure accuracy even against moving targets. Experience in Afghanistan led to the addition of laser guidance in the dual-mode Brimstone missile, allowing a "spotter" to pick out specific and the highest priority targets, particularly useful to minimise collateral damage when friendly forces or civilians were in the area. The tandem shaped charge warhead is much more effective against modern tanks than older similar weapons such as the AGM-65G Maverick, while the small blast area minimises collateral damage. Three Brimstones are carried on a launcher that occupies a single weapon station, allowing a single aircraft to carry many missiles.

The optimization of the chassis embed modernization of vehicle body, new powertrain or power pack type, strengthened suspension system, modern system of detecting NBC pollution, new fire protection and explosion damping system, Modern technology of electrical installation, vehicle ballistic protection, modern external and internal communication system, omnidirectional observation system.

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