MSPO 2021: AUTOBOX Honker from Poland presents its AH 20.44 4x4 light tactical vehicle

Polish Company Honker Autobox presents the AH 20.44, a new generation of 4x4 light tactical vehicles at MSPO 2021, International Defense Industry Exhibition in Poland.

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The new Polish-made AH 20.44 4x4 light tactical vehicle designed by the Polish company Autobox. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The design of the AH 20.44 is standard for a modern military light tactical vehicle with the engine at the front, crew in the middle, and troops compartment at the rear. According to the manufacturer, the vehicle can be configured for different roles as, personnel carrier, cargo vehicle with an open-top flatbed at the rear of the chassis or with a fully enclosed rear cabin.

As a personnel carrier vehicle, the AH 20.44 has two large windows at the front of the crew cabin and two doors on each side. One additional door is located at the rear of the vehicle that opens to the left. The vehicle could be the successor of the Honker 4x4 light tactical vehicle in service with the Polish armed forces.

The AH 20.44 has two seats at the front, three seats in the middle and the rear part of the vehicle can accommodate up to four soldiers. It has a gross weight of 3,500 kg with a length of 4.86 m, a wide of 2.07 m, and a high of 2.13m. The vehicle can be fitted with an armor kit according to customer requirements increasing the weight to 5,500 kg.

The AH 20.44 is powered by an IVECO Euro 3 four-cylinder diesel engine coupled to a gearbox with six forward and one reverse speed. In option, the vehicle can be fitted with ABS system, air conditioning, and run-flat system.

The roof of the AH.44 has a single open top hatch and can be fitted with a weapon station or a circular ring mount that can be armed with a 77.62mm or a 12.7mm heavy machine gun.