An updated Defence policy was approved in January 2005. The Nigerian Army had now new role in times of war as well as in international peace support operations and in domestic or international humanitarian relief missions.The total active manpower for the Nigerian army forcs is around 80,000 soldiers.
The total forces for the Nigerian Land Forces is around 70.000 soldiers, with the structure :

• 1 armd div (2 armd bde)
• 1 composite div (1 mot inf, 1 amph bde, 1 AB bn)
• 2 mech div (each 1 mech,1 mot inf bde)
• each div 1 arty, 1 engr bde, 1 recce bn
• 1 Presidential Guard bde (2 bn)
• 1 AD bde

Nigeria Military equipment and vehicles of Nigerian army