FID 2018: LACROIX presents its new integrated self-protection solution

On the occasion of the "Forum Innovation Defense" organized by the French Armed Forces and held from 22 to 24 November in Paris, LACROIX was asked to present its latest detection-response coupling solution. LACROIX presents its vision of "soft kill" vehicle self-protection through a functional demonstrator and immersive 3D demos.

FID 2018 LACROIX presents its new integrated self protection solution 1
In its baseline version, protection is achieved by the instantaneous creation of a cloud of large dimensions, opaque to the vision in all the spectrum going from the visible to the far infra-red.

This system was initially developed and qualified under an export contract, on a latest-generation vehicle and according to specifications in accordance with current STANAGs. He is in operational service in a foreign land force.

An enriched version of new environmental sensors and decision aids has been studied by Etienne Lacroix on own funds (100% self-financing) and evaluated by the DGA as part of a Reactive Study Order called "GALIX ™ + DAL". New studies, both in the area of threat detection and protection, are underway.

FID 2018 LACROIX presents its new integrated self protection solution 2 
Lacroix Defense picture.

The Protection System consists of a set of laser threat detectors and environmental sensors coupled with an automated perimeter masking system. Connected to the vétronique on board, this system reacts automatically during the detection of a threat, according to predetermined rules and the kinematic and environmental conditions and proposes recommendations of evasive manœuvres to the crew.

FID 2018 LACROIX presents its new integrated self protection solution 3 
Lacroix Defense picture.

The Etienne Lacroix company specializes in countermeasures and protection systems for all types of platforms (air, naval and land) for the French or foreign armed forces. It is also one of the oldest SME in the defense sector, celebrating its 170th anniversary this year.

This diversity of segments and employment horizons makes it possible to share detection and response technology solutions and to optimize protection against ever-changing threats.

The experience acquired during the integration on various international terrestrial carriers and its recognized expertise in decoy solutions (confusion, distraction, seduction) and décaractérisation in the naval and aerial domains, allow it to propose innovative protection solutions for the present and the future: innovative soft-Kill protection!