Otokar promotes its Arma 8x8 armored vehicle in Bahrain

Otokar, leading supplier of the Turkish military and security forces for wheeled tactical vehicles, promotes its Arma 8x8 modular wheeled armored vehicle in Bahrain. Otokar, a Koc Group Company recently participated in Bahrain International Airshow (BIAS).

Otokar promotes its Arma 8x8 in Bahrain
Otokar's arma 8x8 demonstrated in Bahrain (Picture source: Otokar)

Highlighting Otokar’s success in export markets, General Manager Serdar Görgüç, said, "Otokar continues to strengthen its position in the international defense industry with its extensive capabilities and wide product range. Apart from being the leading supplier of the Turkish military and security forces for wheeled tactical vehicles, our vehicles serve almost 55 different end-users in 32 countries. Today over 30,000 Otokar military vehicles are in service around the world with an outstanding performance. Among those countries, Bahrain is particularly important for Otokar where many different vehicle types of wide Otokar wheeled military range are already serving successfully to the requirements of the esteemed Kingdom of Bahrain in different forces since 2002. We therefore are honored to be in BIAS again.”

Underlining Otokar's strong existence especially in the Gulf region, Görgüç added; "We have been serving in GCC countries in an extensive manner since early 2000s. Due to our broad activities in the United Arab Emirates, our establishment of Otokar Land Systems in the country two years ago helps us a lot in our relations with all countries in the region. Through this company we became much closer to our customers and even more strengthen our existing relations. Through our recent activities, Otokar is no longer playing only a simple vehicle manufacturer and supplier role in GCC but also enjoys its local MRO activities and even transferring its engineering and manufacturing capabilities".

The Arma 8x8 is a new-generation, modular multi-wheel armoured vehicle.Thanks to the modularity and highly protected armoured monocoque hull design, Arma 8x8 is a multipurpose platform allowing the integration of various types of mission equipment or weapon systems which can meet the current needs of the modern armies in real battlefield and peacemaking operations. The vehicle development program started in 2007. Concept design, detailed design and engineering studies were completed in 2008. The first prototypes were produced at the beginning of 2009 and validation tests regarding trials, durability, driveline durability, reliability, hot and cold climate tests were successfully completed. Furthermore, a mine blast mock-up was produced simultaneously and explosion tests were performed successfully in 2010. The Otokar 8X8 was initially unveiled at IDEF Istanbul in May 2011.