Poland implements Mustang’s procurement programme 42110152

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Poland implements Mustang’s procurement programme
The Polish Ministry of Defence has initiated the tender for the procurement of new 4x4 vehicles for the Polish Army. The “Mustang” programme, as it is known, aims to replace the Honker vehicles currently in service. The vehicles will be delivered from 2016 until 2022.
Poland implements Mustang’s procurement programme
Polish Army Honker multi-purpose vehicles.

The Polish MoD plans to acquire a fleet of 882 vehicles in two variants, for troop and equipment transport. The non-armoured one, in 841 units, and the armoured in 41 units. The first variant’s weight will not exceed 3.5 tons and will be able to transport eight people and a driver or a payload of 1,000 kg., while the armoured version will carry four and a driver or an estimated payload of around 600 kg. Regarding the protection offered by the armoured variant, it should be STANAG 4569 Level 1.

According to Defence24.pl, there has been a strong interest in the tender, as 14 companies have submitted their bids. The deadline was initially on the 8th of September but it moved one month later. These are Edison Polska, Zeszuta Co., JLR Warszawa, Renault Trucks Defense, Autobox - Auto Special – Steeler Marcin Piasecki, Polish Defence Holding, Szczesniak Pojazdy Sepcjalne, Ursus – AMZ-KUTNO, Honker, AM General, Polish Armament Group, WB Electronics – RADMOR – AYCOMM, Wawrzaszek ISS and Franz Achleitner Fahrzeugbau – Multimotors.