Russia develops modern family of protected military vehicles

Protection of military vehicles has become a priority for the Russian armed forces. The efficiency of weapons employment, logistics support and everyday activities of the troops depend largely on how well army military vehicles are protected. Russian experts have developed a family of the Medved-class protected military vehicles and later the Patrul-3A protected vehicles, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Russia develops modern family of protected military vehicles
Right: Patrul-3A in Kalashnikov's display area at Army-2018 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

"The development of the Medved-class and other wheeled protected vehicles should be based on up-to-date aggregate and element base, and their military technical make-up is ensured by composite armor and mine protection, as well as modern life support systems and bullet-proof wheels," the Defense Ministry said.

Experience obtained in local conflicts is widely used in modernization efforts. While the vehicles become more protected, their maximum speed parameters, the protective gear configuration and visibility indicators are also improving. The development of protected military vehicles, which meet advanced requirements, will increase the troops’ combat capabilities and lead to the establishment of military parity with a potential adversary.


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