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SAUR 1 Amphibious armoured vehicle personnel carrier
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The SAUR 1 is a wheeled amphibious armoured personnel carrier developed by ROMARM in 2006. Late in 2006, ROMARM completed the first prototype of a new multi-role armoured infantry fighting vehicle called Saur. This has been developed as a private venture by ROMARM based on its considerable experience in the design, development and production of a wide range of wheeled vehicles for the home and export markets. The Saur 1 was first unveiled at Expomil 2007. Layout of the new Saur AIV is in line with more recent 8×8 developments in other countries with the driver's position towards the front on the left and the power pack to the right which makes the chassis easier to adopt for a wide range of battlefield missions. The troop compartment extends to the rear of the hull with the roof hatch arrangement depending on the mission. In a typical AIV role the commander would be seated to the rear of the driver and also be provided with a single-piece hatch cover. Both the drivers' and commanders' hatch covers open to the rear and to the immediate front are three periscopes for forward observation.
Variants :
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Technical data 
The SAUR 1 can be fitted with a remote controlled weapon station armed with weapons up to 20 mm calibre.
The hull of the Saur 1 is of all-welded steel which provides the occupants with protection from small arms fire and shell splinters with the highest protection being given over the frontal arc. According to ROMARM, the vehicle has the level 1 anti-mine and balistic protection. The SAUR 1 can be fitted with an Add-on armour kit, then the protection passes on a level 2. The fully amphibious SAUR 1 is equipped to carry 12 personnel: commander, driver, gunner and nine soldiers. There are seven ball-swivel firing ports in the vehicle hull, four on the right and three on the left side of the vehicle.
The Saur-1 has a centrally mounted Cummins Euro 3 diesel engine, developing 275 hp. The SAUR 1 has a maximum speed of 100 km/h, and a maximum range of 700 km.
The SAUR 1 is fully amphibious, on water it is propelled by two waterjets. The exhaust pipe is mounted to the top on the right side of the hull and two water jets are mounted on the back side of the hull, who provide a maximum speed in water of 10 km/h.
One 7,62 or 12,7 mm machine gun.
Country users
Romania prototype
Designer Company
S.C Uzina Automecanica Moreni S.A. ROMARM
NBC protection, waterjets.
3 + 9 soldiers
Protection Level 1 Stanag 4569
13,500 kg
100 km/h on road, 10 km/h on water.
700 km
Lenght, 7,8 m; Width, 2,8 m; Height, 2,52 m
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