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SAUR 2 Multi-role armoured vehicle personnel carrier
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The SAUR 2 is a wheeled multi-role armoured vehicle developed by ROMARM in 2008. Late in 2008, ROMARM completed the first prototype of the the successor of the first generation of the SAUR vehicle. The SAUR 2 was presented for the first time during the Defense Exhibition, Expomil 2009. The SAUR 2 is equipped to carry 11 personnel: commander, driver, gunner and 9 soldiers. The design is based on a modular structure selected to give the maximum flexibility for multi-purpose operation.The driving axles are fitted inside the hull. The SAUR 2 is developed and manufactured to meet the new needs of the army and new threats frome the battle field. The SAUR 2 is a great improvement as regards of armor protection and comfort compared to the first generation of wheeled armored vehicle SAUR.
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Technical data 
The SAUR 2 can be fitted with a remote controlled weapon station armed with weapons up to 30 mm calibre. The SAUR 2 can be equipped with a remote controlled weapon station armed with a 25 mm Oerlikon canon, and a coaxial gun 7,62 mm caliber.
The hull of the SAUR 2 is of all-welded steel which provides the occupants with protection from small arms fire and shell splinters with the highest protection being given over the frontal arc. According to ROMARM, the vehicle has the level 2 anti-mine and balistic protection. The SAUR 2 can be fitted wit an Add-on armour kit, then the protection passes on a level 3. There are seven ball-swivel firing ports in the vehicle hull, four on the right and three on the left side of the vehicle.
The SAUR 2 is 8 x 8 wheeled chassis motorised with a Diesel engine Type EURO 3, coupled to an automatic gearbox. The engine used is more powerful than that from the SAUR 1, in order to maintain the mobility of the vehicle, and to allow the installation of heavier weapons systems. The SAUR 2 can run at a maximum speed of 100 km/h with a maximum range of 700 km.
The SAUR 2 is equipped with an hydraulic winch mounted to the front of the vehicle. For the cew protection, the SAUR 2 is equipped with centrifugal inertial dust filter separation compressor and absorbent filter. The crew and engine compartment is protected against firing with an automatic fire extinguishing installation. For NBC protection, the SAUR 2 is equipped with air tubes and individual air mask.
One 7,62, 12,7 mm machine gun or 25 mm gun.
Country users
Romania prototype
Designer Company
S.C Uzina Automecanica Moreni S.A. ROMARM
NBC protection,add-on armour, automatic firing protection system, night camera display.
3 + 9 soldiers
Protection Level 2 Stanag 4569
18,000 kg
100 km/h on road, 10 km/h on water.
700 km
Lenght, 7,7 m; Width, 2,95 m; Height, 2,22 m
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