Denmark would want to procure 18 Caesar artillery systems from France 1909121


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Wednesday, September 19, 2012, 09:23 AM
Denmark would want to procure 18 Caesar artillery systems from France
According to French financial newspaper La Tribune, Denmark made a request to France to purchase 18 Caesar wheeled self-propelled howitzer. The deal, still in negociation stage, is estimated at 90 Millions Euros.

The Nexer Systems Caesar wheeled self-propelled howitzer was shown in public for the first time in June 1994.

The gun is mounted at the rear of the Caesar, it is a complete upper part of the 155 mm 52 calibre upgraded version of the TRF1 towed artillery system. The 155 mm 52 calibre ordnance is fitted with a double baffle muzzle brake and when travelling the ordnance is held in position by a clamp, located to the immediate rear of the cab, which is operated by remote control. The 52 calibre gun gives a range of 25 miles when firing standard shells. The Caesar can fire six rounds, shut down the battery configuration and leave its firing position, all in less than two minutes, thus avoiding counter-battery fire.

With its mobility (strategic, operational and tactical), its multi-role capability and its fire power, the Caesar provides land forces with solutions that meet the specific requirements related to projected military actions. It can treat direct support fire, counter-battery fire and in-depth action.

Caesar is already a success in the export market with sales to Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Indonesia.