Moog Inc. and DRS Technologies present the new RIwP during a live fire demo 42909152

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Moog Inc. and DRS Technologies present the new RIwP during a live fire demo
Moog Inc. Space and Defense Group and its defense-industry partner, DRS Technologies, introduced today to the market the Reconfigurable Integrated-weapons Platform (RIwP) during a live fire demonstration at Redstone Arsenal.
Moog Inc and DRS Technologies present the new RIwP during a live fire demo 2RIwP's configuration options (Source: Moog Inc. Space and Defense Group)

Engineered with many advanced features, the RIwP includes high-performance target acquisition technology and unmatched pointing/stabilization accuracy ensuring U.S. and Allied forces see first, engage first and achieve mission success. Additionally, it offers an unprecedented range of platform weapon system interoperability and allows the warfighter both reload under armor and in-field weapon reconfigurability.

The RIwP installs easily onto most current and planned U.S. and allied land, sea and air platforms and provides tailored overmatch for any combat situation. "Our goal was to design an innovative, game changing platform which meets both current and future warfighter needs," said Tony Peck, Business Unit Director, Moog Defense Control Systems.

The demonstration event featured both M2 and Mk19 direct fire weapons and Javelin missiles, carrying out ground-to-ground live fire exercises. During the tests, the RIwP fired multiple rounds from an M2 .50 caliber machine gun, grenades from a Mk19 40mm launcher and Javelin missiles. All of the weapons successfully hit their targets. In addition to the firing event, the RIwP under armor reload and reconfiguration capabilities were demonstrated. All RIwP configurations allow missile variants to be fully armor protected, eliminating the chance for missile damage by debris or small arms fire.

Moog Inc and DRS Technologies present the new RIwP during a live fire demo 1

The RIwP accommodates a variety of weapons including direct fire, missiles and non-lethal deterrents as well as an advanced sensor package. With more than 100 weapon configurations that can be housed on a single platform, the RIwP offers common training and logistics benefits. The RIwP also features highly integrated operator work stations, a network capable architecture and advanced fire control which has demonstrated an ~80% improvement in engagement times for defilade targets.

"We kept the warfighter in mind at every stage of design and development. As a result, DRS and Moog are proud to offer a system that can easily adapt to the ever changing mission scenarios encountered by the modern warfighter. The combination of our enhanced situational awareness, imaging and target acquisition systems in the RIwP give the warfighter continuous fire and 360 degree viewing capability while under armor, thereby providing an advantage on the ever changing battlefield," said Shawn Black, VP/GM Infrared Sensors & Systems, DRS Technologies.