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Firing at Comradeship-in-arms-2017 became the first important stage of the joint Russian-Armenian operations in the framework of the regional air defense of both countries, chief of air defense troops of the Republic of Armenia Armen Vardanyan told reporters.

The Uralvagonzavod Corporation, a subsidiary of Russia’s Rostec state hi-tech corporation, has signed a contract with the Russian Defense Ministry to overhaul and upgrade T-80 main battle tanks, the press office of the Omsk Transport Machine-Building Plant said. The Omsk Transport Machine-Building Plant (Omsktransmash) is an Uralvagonzavod subsidiary.

South Korea's defense ministry announced Thursday the deployment of a THAAD missile defense system has been completed in a "tentative" step to counter urgent threats from North Korea.The announcement came soon after the US Forces Korea (USFK) transported four additional THAAD rocket launchers into its new base in Seongju, some 300 kilometers south of Seoul, despite fierce protests by local residents and activists.

South Korea's defense ministry announced Monday that the US Forces Korea will soon install four more THAAD missile defense launchers at its new southern base, local media stated on Sept. 4. The announcement came as the environment ministry accepted the results of an environmental impact survey of the THAAD system partially operational at the former golf course in Seongju, some 300 kilometers south of Seoul.

The serial manufacturing of the upgraded Sprut-SDM1 self-propelled anti-tank guns (SPATG) will start in Russia in 2018, according to the Zvezda TV channel. The first indigenous developments of an air-droppable heavy-armed armored vehicle date back to the 1970s. The Object 934 became one of the first platforms that partially met the requirements of the Airborne Troops (VDV).

BM-21 Tornado-G 122mm MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System at Army-2017 International Military Technical Forum near Moscow, Russia.

A rocket battery of a Bryansk Region-stationed artillery unit of a Western Military District's (WMD) combined-arms army is on march to the Dorogobuzh range (Smolensk Region) to conduct first live-fire exercise with the usage of the newest Tornado-G multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), according to the press department of the district.

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