India orders USD14.5 billion worth of weapons from Russia

India has ordered from Russia a total of $14.5 billion worth of weapons and other military equipment, chief of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Dmitry Shugayev said.

India orders USD14.5 billion worth of weapons from Russia
Igla-S air defense system (Picture source: Army Recognition)

"Last year and today saw the emergence of a tremendous portfolio of contracts in contrast to all previous years, $14.5 billion. This is an impressive figure, it’s a real breakthrough," he said. "Military cooperation between Russia and India is the most important element of privileged strategic interaction," he added.

Shugayev recalled that last year, although India was under pressure from the United States, major contracts were concluded for the supply of S-400 systems, frigates of project 11356, and a large batch of ammunition for the Air Force, the Navy and the ground forces. "Currently we proceed with talks on the supply and licensed production of the portable air defense system Igla-S for India. As you may know we won a one-billion-dollar tender," Shugayev said.

After-sale maintenance remains a major aspect of cooperation. "Currently it is one of the main themes on the agenda. For this purpose we created a joint Russian-Indian task force for after-sale maintenance," Shugayev said. An intergovernmental agreement was signed on the production of spare parts in India for Russian military hardware. "The document provides the basis for interaction of our enterprises," Shugayev said. Payment problems were caused by sanctions. "The issue has been resolved and mechanisms found. The problem is no longer significant in our military-technical cooperation," he said.

Two major current projects concern the production localization of Ka-226T helicopters and Kalashnikov rifles of the 100th series. "Both projects are very advantageous for both countries. We can achieve 80 percent localization of helicopters in India and come close to 100 percent in Kalashnikov rifles," Shugayev said.

He is convinced the naval cooperation will also develop. An inter-governmental commission for military-technical cooperation will be held this year. "We outlined interaction issues and will formulate a new military-technical cooperation program between our countries up to 2030," Shugayev said.

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